7/17/2013 02:09:00 PM

Beachside Dining Alert: Coney Island Gets New Boardwalk Restaurant

Dining options on the Coney Island Boardwalk can be as much of a freak show as, well, the freak show that currently calls Surf Avenue home. If you're not in the mood to mosey down to Brighton Beach for some vodka and borscht, a new sit down option is up and running near Luna Park. The Mexican eatery is known as Place to Beach, and it offers a concession window for diners on the go, or a deck that comes with live music and space to camp out for table service.

The no-frills menu offers tacos, burritos and salads, a swell alternative if you're not jonesing for Nathan's Famous, which dishes out its franks nearby. The venue is opens at 10 AM and stays open until 10 during the week and through midnight on Friday through Sunday. Stop by and soak up some sun before summer's over (or at least before October 31, when the eatery closes for the season).


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