7/18/2013 11:49:00 AM

Baume & Brix to Close on Saturday After a Rocky Eight Months

After co-executive chef Ben Roche’s somewhat dramatic departure from Baume & Brix last week, it comes as little surprise that the restaurant announced it will close on Saturday. Roche hinted at mismanagement, but ultimately size and location doomed the restaurant that opened last October. Co-executive chef Thomas Elliott Bowman told the Chicago Tribune, “If we'd had 70 seats, in a different location, we'd still be rocking out for years to come.”

Once the restaurant closes, Roche will focus on his gelato side project with J.P. Graziano’s, while Bowman has been working on his own side project in Oklahoma City. It is a distillery named after the state bird of Oklahoma, the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Scissortail will produce vodka, gin, whiskey and rum, and release. Its first batch will hit glasses in October - one year after Baume & Brix began serving some of the most creative cuisine in River North.

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