7/12/2013 12:28:00 PM

Bartenders on the Move at Charcoal Bar and Drumbar

If you were putting off grabbing a drink from the either of the star bartenders at Charcoal Bar of Drumbar, we have some bad news. Last night was the last time to do that. Word broke on Facebook in the wee hours of the morning that Matthew Lipsky was no longer manning the dark bar below Sumi Robata Bar. As a recent visit to the cold-feeling bar on a Tuesday night proved, Lispky’s carefully crated cocktails were not enough to keep the secluded five-seat bar occupied. Before taking over Charcoal Bar earlier this year, Lipsky’s bartending resume included RM Champagne Salon, Untitled and Morso (closed).

Meanwhile, Craig Schoettler vacated his post at the rooftop bar of the Raffaello Hotel. In a mass email, the bartender announced he left Drumbar to take over the bar program at Aria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Schoettler rose to fame while running the cocktail program at The Aviary. After an abrupt departure and a brief hiatus from the spirits world, he took over the cocktail program at Drumbar. Schoettler infused the menu with high-tech cocktails that used smoke and liquid nitrogen. Perhaps his flair for flash will be better appreciated in Vegas. There is no confirmation on who will replace either bartender.


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