7/09/2013 04:30:00 PM

Avec Admits Food Served on Sunday Mornings is Indeed Brunch

Photo by Derek Richmond
Back in May, Avec started serving something on Sundays it swore was not brunch, despite the fact that dishes such as deluxe focaccia with cured salmon were served alongside harissa-preserved Bloody Marys. Now, the gig is up and Paul Kahan’s Mediterranean restaurant admits that Sunday mornings starting at 10 AM is indeed devoted to brunch. The earlier hours and real brunch menu begin July 21.

Recently appointed chef Perry Hendrix will prepare Spanish-style French toast with fresh ricotta, cherries, almonds and mint as well as oven baked eggs with summer squash and corona beans cooked in a traditional guanciale amatriciana sauce. Meanwhile, pastry chef Dana Cree will offer her take on Danishes in addition to wood-fired Dutch baby pancakes with Meyer lemon and powdered sugar. Brunch is served until 2 PM.


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