7/16/2013 02:44:00 PM

Artisans in Austin: Pâté Letelier

Jackie Letelier has spent more than 15 years been perfecting her Chilean grandmother’s pâté recipe. After moving back to Texas from Chile to attend culinary school, she founded The Letelier Food Company and added Texas ingredients to the original recipe, using ingredients like pecans, lavender and Good Flow honey. Think small batches using all-natural ingredients from local farms and ranches like Dewberry Hills Farm, Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm, Peach Creek Farm, Windy Hill Organics, Hill Country Lavender and more.

Choose from delicacies like the traditional pâté maison with honey and lavender, pâté champagne with brandy and pistachio, and pâté de canard with thyme and apple brandy.

And lest you think it’s all about the meat, look again. Pâté Letelier’s lineup includes several vegetarian options, such as a mushroom pâté with port and thyme and a white bean puree with goat cheese and roasted garlic.

Find Pâté Letelier’s goodies at the farmers’ markets as well as at Salt and Time and Fresh Plus and on the menu at places like Henri’s Cheese and Wine.

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