7/23/2013 12:33:00 PM

Argo Tea Celebrates 10 Years With New Greenhouse Café

Since everyone has been talking about the Brits, how about a spot of tea to go with it? Argo Tea has provided Chicago with an herbal caffeine fix for the past ten years. During that time, the company expanded to 10,000 outlets across the US and into Beirut and Abu Dhabi as well as provided specialty teas to Whole Foods and other retailers.

Today, Argo celebrates an successful decade, the tea shop opened a new location in Connors Park. The new Greenhouse Café is built with eco-friendly materials such as recyclable wood, and is powered by wind, according to Redeye. Plants used in the teas, including blossoming chamomile and hibiscus flowers, surround the new café in a patio garden.

Grand opening day festivities begin at noon with an art walk, yoga in the park, face painting and live music until 3 PM. The party takes a brief teatime before returning at 4 PM with tealeaf readings, cocktails and live jazz from Grammy-nominated singer Carolyn Malachi.

871 N. Wabash St.


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