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Abigaile's Little Sister Debuts in Manhattan Beach + the Menu

Taking over the former Hampton's, an oyster shell's throw from MB Post and Fishing With Dynamite, Little Sister hits the Manhattan Beach scene this week. Chef Tin Vuong and Jed Sanford (Abigaile, WildCraft Sourdough Pizza) are behind the project, this one with a Southeast Asian slant. The space is supposed to be reminiscent of a Singaporean shophouse with both Eastern and Western influences, stenciled plaster walls, and a nice little bar.

Vuong's menu is seasonal but spiced, with French, California and SE Asian influences, offering everything from sesame baguette with Echiere butter to beef randang and Myanmar okra curry. If you're a fan of Lukshon, The Spice Table and Hinoki & the Bird, this might be the spice route you'd take. Peek at the opening menu below. Little Sister is in previews today and tomorrow, and opens for dinner on Thursday, July 11, at 5 PM (1131 Manhattan Ave.; 310-545-2096).

Sesame sourdough baguette, Echiere AOC butter, sea salt
Cassava chips, star anise, sea salt
Pan-fried pork bao bun, red vin, ginger, house sambal
Kima platha, crispy flatbread with chili lamb, coconut curry lentil dipping sauce
Balinese-style fried meatballs, banana ketchup
Duck sate, caramelized pear, walnuts, gingered tamarind dressing

Rice Paper
Imperial rolls, gulf shrimp, crap, pork, taro root, glass noodle, roasted peanut
Charred sugar cane shrimp spring rolls “chao torn,” green papaya, Asian greens, peanut sauce
Grilled pork spring roll “nem nuong,” red leaf lettuce, mint, carrot, cucumber, peanut sauce

Myanmar okra curry, fried whole egg, tamato, tamarind, cilantro, six spice
X.O. water spinach, lime juice, almonds, dried scallop shards
Fried eggplant and basil, Serrano peppers, crispy shiitake

Tea leaf salad, yellow split peas, fried garlic, green peppers, sesame, peanuts, house dressing
Grilled prawns, green papaya, mango, cucumber, peppers, cashews, lemongrass-cilantro dressing
Roasted duck salad “goi vit,” red cabbage, banana blosssoms, sweet onion, carrots, rau ram, salted apricot vin

Fish and Shellfish
Halibut “cha ca la vong” herb salad, vermicelli, peanuts, nuoc cham
Hong Kong steamed red snapper, ginger, scallions, Fresno chilies
Quick-fired scallops, Malaysian chili sauce, purple basil
Salt and pepper lobster, butter fried shallots, fried chilies and garlic
“Singapore chile crab” banh mi, spiced tomato relish, pickled green garlic
Sweet clams, hot bean sauce, lap cheong, sugar snap peas
Grilled swordfish, chilies, garlic, ginger, cilantro, spring onions
Sa-po, mixed seafood hot pot with tofu and vegetables

Meat and Poultry
Barbecued pork spareribs, scallion, cilantro, honey-hoisin sauce
Red-braised pork belly, roasted wild mushroom, leek fondue
Vadouvan grilled quail, fried green tomato, pickled kumquat, mint chutney
Vietnamese coconut chicken curry, confit potatoes, red cabbage, savory pineapple relish
Shaky shaky beef, Sausalito watercress, baby toamotes, burnt butter soy
Vietnamese crepe, banh xeo pork belly, prawns, bean sprouts, house dressing
Master stock chicken, fragrant rice, sweet soy, ginger sauce, pickled chilies
Beef randang “dry beef curry,” salted mustard greens, buttered saffron basmati rice

Noodles and Rice
Hanoi-style pork vermicelli, sweet chili sauce
Thin egg noodles, garlic oil, sweet soy, crispy shallots, chilies
Shanghai beef noodle soup, braised brisket, water spinach, Chinese dates
Lemongrass beef, steamed noodles, hot oiled green onions, herbs
Vietnamese lemongrass beef and noodle, chile-lime dressing
Singaporean noodles, shrimp, prawns, char sui pork, bean sprouts
Bhutanese red rice, Dungeness crab, lamb bacon, fried egg

 (Photo: Jason Speth)


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