7/09/2013 01:04:00 PM

8 Must-Try Burgers Around DC

When the tempting summertime aromas of backyard grilling spark burger cravings (but the heat and humidity discourage making a DIY mess), heading to a restaurant is an easy fix. Since it’s hard to find an eatery at any level that doesn’t have a patty on the menu, the biggest problem is making a choice. This rundown of hot burgers on the dining scene should help you handle this delicious dilemma.


  1. How about Black and Orange's Ciao Down or Shakeshack's burgers? Those are arguably the best. Or, for the adventuresome folk--Quarryhouse Tavern in Silver Spring. All excellent burgers.

    1. Dino Cleveland Park with bacon and a side of Tuscan potatoes.

  2. Here's a question for Olga: How many have you tried? Also, it looks as if bigger is better in Olga's mind. As for me, give me an All-American burger with slices of a good melting cheese, bacon, and a decent slice of raw onion. Hold the shaved cucumber, remoulade sauce, avocado, carrots, pickled diakopn,and all the rest of that other stuff.

  3. Just because they call it a salmon or shrimp "burger" doesn't mean it is in fact a burger. It's a travesty to many other excellent real burgers in the DC area that 1/4 of this list was wasted on burger pretenders.

    And honestly, the limited time only Chad Dukes burger with a side of sweet potato fries at BGR last summer was the best thing I've eaten ever.

  4. really, really! it's hard to take this list seriously because of the cmoplete absence of any reference to Ray's Hell Burger.