7/09/2013 05:05:00 PM

7 Heavenly Lobster Dishes in Greater Boston and Beyond

Chatham cod & lobster risotto at Pain D'Avignon
When it comes to summer, lobster is a standout ingredient. To make your search for the top dishes in town starring the native crustacean easier, we've rounded up seven creative options. If we've missed a favorite lobster dish of yours, please let us know!

Artisan Bistro: Make it date night at this American in the Ritz-Carlton and order the Fisherman's Pot, which includes a 2-lb. lobster, shrimp, scallops, swordfish, mussels, red skin potatoes and preserved lemon, all in a chorizo-fennel broth. You can get it for one ($52), but we like the idea of sharing ($65; 617-574-7176).

Bistro du Midi: Head to this Back Bay French restaurant for chef Robert Sisca's lobster coral infused tagliatelle with poached Maine lobster, chanterelles, arugula and a vanilla lobster emulsion. It's elegant and summery, and with the vanilla, we’d venture it’s an entree and dessert in one ($31; 617-426-7878).

Blue Dragon: It's worth taking a break from the office to grab this lobster banh mi with ginger-lemon aïoli at Ming Tsai’s Asian gastropub. The sweet meat is offset by the garlicky spread and the light touch of heat (ginger) and lemon ($16; 617-338-8585).

Catalyst: The chalkboard special this month at this Kendall Square American is pretty special. It's a native Massachusetts baked stuffed lobster - the stuffing is a mixture of chorizo, onion, red bell pepper, celery, bread crumbs (brioche and panko) and lobster coral purée. It’s served with garlic compound butter on the tail, as well as creamed corn ($38; 617-576-3000).

Deuxave: Chef/co-owner Christopher Coombs has an elegant way with his dish, "Night Moves" (Bob Seger, anyone?). It’s an app of Scituate lobster with potato gnocchi, mushrooms, green grapes, curried walnuts and pearl onions, all in a citrus fricassée. Sweet summertime, summertime ($19; 617-517-5915).

Pain D'Avignon: If you're headed to the Cape, you'll find a lotta lobster there. Chef Matthew Tropeano of this bakery/bistro in Hyannis offers some pretty cool specials, one being the duo of Chatham cod and lobster risotto with Ciodini mushrooms, fines herbs and Lillet beurre blanc. New England meets France - not a bad combination ($32; 508-771-9711).

Uni Sashimi Bar: So breezy and hot at the same time, this creation by chef Tony Messina has nailed summer, Japanese style. The dish is Maine lobster tempura with Singapore black pepper chile sauce, which is sweet and hot ($20; 617-536-7200).


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