7/19/2013 03:20:00 PM

6 Keys to Effective Restaurant Complaints

In these days of Internet-empowered diners, restaurant complaints are more and more common, which in turn creates a backlash from food industry workers. Some who’ve worked in the biz will tell you to never, ever send a dish back to the kitchen, since you don’t know what a ticked off chef or server will do to your plate before it makes its way back to your table. However, if something is truly awry, most restaurants want to know - they are in the service business, and the whole point is to create a pleasant experience.

Over at the Guardian, the longtime GM of London’s Galvin at Windows, thinks there is a happy middle ground. Fred Siriex offers six tips for how and when to complain while dining out. From avoiding raising your voice to making your issue known before you’ve eaten half the dish in front of you (and definitely before you've left the restaurant), these are useful keys to a great night out. Restaurants aren’t magic, after all, and mistakes do happen. Just don’t ruin the evening for those serving you, and you’ll be repaid in kind.


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