7/25/2013 02:05:00 PM

45 Dunkin' Donuts to Open Around LA: Should We Care?

When Dunkin' Donuts announced plans to finally come west, we couldn't help but wonder how it would fit in. We already have so many great old-school donut shops and coffee roasters around LA, not to mention a mega coffee chain on just about every other corner. But there have been a lot of Dunkin' Donut TV commercials lately, which is odd considering there isn't one outpost here in Southern California, so we we had a feeling it's on the horizon. Sure enough, according to a press release from the donut empire, look for 45 new standalone Dunkin' Donuts shops in the area by 2015, with the first opening in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Local franchisees will open 18 restaurants in the OC and South Bay, 10 throughout the Westside, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Malibu, and 16 through central LA and the San Gabriel Valley. Look for "non-traditional" locations popping up at colleges, universities, casinos, military bases, supermarkets, airports and travel centers before then, however. DD fans may rejoice, but we must know: Does that iced coffee really stand up to our favorite LA coffee drinks?


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