7/08/2013 12:00:00 PM

20th Century Cafe Offers Taste of Eastern Europe

Knishes at 20th Century Cafe (photo by Tamara Palmer)
Former Range pastry chef Michelle Polzine opened her new 20th Century Cafe (198 Gough) on July 5, transforming a former laundromat into a place for Eastern European pastries. Her delicate and decadent potato knish is likely to be a hit staple as the sweets change frequently and seasonally; current desserts on offer include a Russian honey cake, berry-pecan coffee cake, Regina peach torte and ice cream (vanilla, peach leaf and chicory), all served alongside Ethiopia Sidamo drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino and affogato. Polzine says the cash-only cafe will be closed today (July 8) to catch up on some administrative work, but will soon settle into a seven-day schedule with hours from 10 AM-6 PM.


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