7/23/2013 02:35:00 PM

20% Discount at Hot Diggity for National Hot Dog Day

The Seoul Dog by Hahri Shin
Extra incentive to get over to South Street and hit up Hot Diggity today: anyone who walks in and says “Happy National Hot Dog Day” through 10 PM on July 23 will get 20% their order. We recommend the Saigon Fusion - it's what happens when a banh mi and a hot dog have a baby - and you can’t go wrong with the classic sauerkraut-and-mustard topped Bronx Bomber.

Make plans to return again soon, when Hot Diggity features a hot dog based on the winner of Saturday’s amateur topping contest at the Dog Days of Summer festival. Hahri Shin took the prize with the Seoul Dog, which features grilled pork belly and kimchi alongside a frank drizzled with spicy ssamjang sauce and sesame oil. The shiso leaves on top and pickled daikon radish on the side are great foils for the heat - this is a hot dog you won’t want to miss.


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