6/12/2013 12:15:00 PM

Faux Meats, a Restaurant and Yoga Combine at Upton's New Digs

If Eataly will be the sanctuary for all things Italian and cured, then a  new 9,000-sq.-ft. complex coming to Ukrainian Village will serve the same function for vegans. The new processing plant from local faux meat company Upton’s Naturals will quadruple their producing in a facility that not only will act as a processing plant but also a yoga studio and a restaurant.

The company founded in 2005 by Dan Staackmann has had a steady increase in sales each year by selling meatless chorizo, seitan and vegan chicken bacon ranch wraps to local restaurants and retailers. In 2008, Whole Foods began selling Upton’s products, and the company expanded to 45 states, according to Chicago Grid. The three-story building on Grand Avenue will house a 20-seat cafe called Upton’s Breakroom and a Maha Dharma yoga center and wellness studio ran by Staackmann’s girlfriend, Nicole Sopko.

The facility is still under construction, but the goal is to have it completed by the end of the month and open this summer.


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