6/21/2013 03:50:00 PM

Yo-Hos and More: A Cake Monkey Pop-Up Next Week

It's almost impossible to pass up Cake Monkey's little silver-wrapped YoHos and Cakewiches seen on counters around town (we often fall prey to them at Everson Royce), and you've probably picked up a bacon scone or cookies at coffee shops like Caffe Vita, Paper or Plastik or Alfred Coffee & Kitchen. But have you ever had the cake pudding or monkey bread? You can try those and more treats at Lisa Olin and pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind's pop-up at Graffiti on La Brea next weekend.

The two started Cake Monkey in 2007, serving mostly as an online and wholesale bakery with their sights set on opening a brick-and-mortar spot one day. While that's still in the works - Olin tells us they're this close to inking a deal somewhere - this is one of the best ways to taste a fuller spectrum of their offerings. In addition to Cakewiches, YoHos and pop pies, you'll find goodies you won't find where their delicious pastries are usually sold, including Inside Out S'Mores, Moguls, which are like SnoBalls, and slices of full cakes (anything with chocolate is divine). The pop-up shop runs Friday through Sunday, June 28-30, from 9 AM-8 PM.


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