6/27/2013 03:09:00 PM

Which Airlines Offer the Best WiFi

Image courtesy of Delta
You're headed out on a flight, and you need to stay connected. What airline hooks you up with the best signal? According to a new report by travel website Routehappy, you should book on Delta or Southwest. In terms of airline commitment to WiFi, Virgin America and AirTran lead the pack, with 100% of their fleets being WiFi enabled. About 38% of all domestic flights have WiFi (or 44% of the USA's total flight hours), with service being more prevalent on longer flights. The most connected route? LA to San Francisco (followed by LA to New York). International flights lag behind with only 6.5% offering WiFi. What do you think?  Do you like the break that WiFi-free flights provide?  Or would you prefer to stay connecting while flying?


  1. The concept of wifi in airlines is new to me. In India we have to switch off our mobiles during the flight.

  2. i think more essential product here is the amount of improve. All we know that the middle of severity of flight tickets is sliding towards eastern. As it is apparent on the prices. Regards.It seems to be that AirAsia is losing from the record.top airlines