6/20/2013 07:20:00 PM

Where to Find Grasshopper Guacamole in Santa Monica

The dining deck at Santa Monica Place is the last place we'd expect to see chapulines (aka grasshoppers) - more like Guelaguetza and other Oaxacan restaurants around LA - but sure enough, Richard Sandoval's La Sandia has been serving the crispy critters all month. For the "guacamole celebration," you can try several guacamoles inspired by different regions of Mexico. There's a Yucatan guac with shrimp ceviche and spicy habanero salsa; a Baja-inspired one with kiwi, jicama, strawberry, mango and chile arbol; and a Northern Mexico bowl with avo, chicharron, pickled onion and salsa fresca. But it's the Sur guacamole that's topped with crispy grasshoppers, tomatillo and cotija cheese. You can only get these special guacamoles for a couple more weeks, until the end of June.


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