6/18/2013 01:57:00 PM

WeHo's Iconic Irv's Burgers on the Chopping Block - Again

Development plans have threatened Irv's Burgers on Santa Monica Boulevard, one of LA's classic burger stands, around since 1950, for years. Back in 2005, a group called the Burger Brigade helped Sonia Hong and her family get the iconic Route 66 shack designated as a cultural landmark by the city of West Hollywood, allowing it to stand so we can all get a great cheeseburger on a paper plate scribbled with a friendly message.

Now a new club is planned for the property next door, which may or may not be the reason the landlord decided to evict the Hongs, who've owned and operated the stand since 2000. There was a significant rent increase, a number of deliberations but the notice officially came down, according to Route 66 News, and Irv's Burgers may close as early as June 29. Hong filed for extensions, according Squid Ink, but this might really be it. Go get your burger and a taste of nostalgia while you can. [Via WeHoVille]

(Photo: Waltrrrr/Flickr)


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