6/17/2013 03:50:00 PM

Watch Vedge’s Rich Landau on Chopped This Tuesday

You won't find tempeh at Vedge
Rich Landau regularly wows diners with the animal-free cuisine he cooks at Locust Street’s Vedge, and on June 18, we’ll have a chance to see if he similarly impressed Ted Allen and the judges on the Food Network’s Chopped. Landau might have an edge on the three other chefs he’s up against for the night, since The Insider tells us the secret ingredient for the night turned out to be that vegan standard tempeh.

Landau has recently eschewed tempeh and other meat substitutes for a focus on vegetables themselves, but at his previous restaurant with wife Kate Jacoby - Horizons - tempeh was a regular feature. The other ingredients required in the competing dishes were chia seeds, dandelion greens and fresh berries. Tune in Tuesday at 10 PM to see how he fares.


  1. I will be watching since we produced Betsy's Tempeh in Mich. for 9 1/2 years and are called the tempeh pioneers with our new process for making tempeh. Our website shows our easy method for making this great food.
    betsy shipley

  2. I generally will no watch cooking shows since the mojority cook with meat. This episode I will watch :)