6/06/2013 03:27:00 PM

Valuables Vulnerable in Overhead Bins, During Security Screening

Photo by Jack Cheng via Flickr
Traveling with pricey electronics or jewelry? They’ll be safe in your carryon, right? Maybe not according to a survey by Absolute Software, CNN reports. The company, which helps track and recover personal electronics and laptops, found that 24% of travel-related thefts occur in the air and 18% in the check-in/security areas. "People lower their guards on a plane. They assume that because they're in a confined space, their fellow passengers will be honest, but that's not always the case," George Hobica, founder of airfarewatchdog.com, says. There has also been an uptick in roving gangs, who buy cheap tickets and steal expensive items from passengers at airport bars, restaurants and gates. So how best can you protect your stuff? Buy a lock for your carryon to deter in-airport theft, keep items of value under the seat in front of you and never lose sight of your bags during screening.


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