6/18/2013 05:06:00 PM

Underdogs Pulls Out of South Philly, Medium Rare Out on Sansom?

Underdogs is still riding high in Rittenhouse
We’ve been looking forward to the forthcoming arrival of DC’s Medium Rare since the steak frites operation announced its expansion to Philly in February, but we just got a tip that it may not happen. We asked partner Mark Bucher if the deal to open across from Federal Donuts in a new development on Sansom Street had fallen through, and he gave us a “no comment.” Hopefully, talks are just stalled and will pick back up, because all-you-can-eat steak and fries for $19.50 sounds pretty good.

What is for sure is that Underdogs is pulling out of its South Philly location. Owner Robert Amar told The Insider that translating the concept - extremely successful in its Rittenhouse location - to the larger spot on Ninth Street just didn’t work out. The new outpost was right next door to Geno’s, which could have meant spillover traffic but probably meant cheesesteak-seekers who didn’t want to switch up to Underdogs franks (a foolish decision, if you ask us). Amar is looking for a new expansion location.


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