6/26/2013 01:42:00 PM

Titaya’s to Reopen in Early Fall

We've been going through Thai food withdrawal for several months, ever since Titaya’s closed for “renovations” a few months ago. We put that word in quotes because we haven’t seen any construction happening there. Ever.

But today Titaya’s brother, Ek Timrerk, the chef at Spin Modern Thai, who also developed Titaya’s menu, tells us that the restaurant is in fact going to reopen soon, with a whole new look.

From our interview:
“She’s doing a whole new renovation. She’s redoing everything, the interior design. She’s expanding the kitchen, redoing the dining rooms, new complete look. She’s going to keep a little more than half of the menu, the popular items. Then I’m going to help her create a special menu, something like that, to go with it. 
We’re going to try to make it a little more upscale. There will be some traditional stuff [on the menu] too, but there will be some modern stuff in there. 
The construction should be done by the end of August or early September. It will probably take us a month after that to put the food together.” 
Thai-o-philes, rejoice!


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