6/12/2013 03:50:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Rhubarb and Raspberry Vacherin at Café des Architects

Sometimes after an afternoon shower passes, the sky is blue and the weather is finally warm and all we need is dessert and a glass of bubbles. That was the case last night on the patio of Café des Architects. Our French dinner of steak tartare and Skuna Bay salmon was lovely, with all the flare and flavor one would expect from an upscale hotel restaurant, but dessert was undoubtedly the star, prepared by 30 Under 30 honoree and executive pastry chef Leigh Omilinsky. The sugar artist delivered plate after plate of perfectly formed Valrhona chocolate eggs, custard tubes and light cake.

The single dish that shined in terms of execution, and also seasonality of ingredients, was the rhubarb and raspberry vacherin. Semi-spheres of meringue are filled with Greek yogurt cream, topped with halved raspberries and slices of rhubarb. It's served with a port wine reduction and tastes like raspberry air. The dessert was inspired by a visitor from the French American Chamber of Commerce who demonstrated a classic vacherin made with layers of meringue, custard and fruit. Omilinsky’s twist adds a bit of nostalgia with a “Barbie pink” color and wisps of raspberry cotton candy garnish.


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