6/27/2013 11:31:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Pasta at Charlie Bird

Last night we flew into Charlie Bird, which recently opened in the Sixth Avenue space that formerly housed King, and we found a lot to love. Giant windows looking out onto the street provides a great deal of sunshine, which is a nice change from the former tenant (one diner described that dining there felt like a "dark fairy tale"). The approachable menu contained many tasty options - from a crazily good chicken liver mousse to a solid, simple grilled sea bass that was perfect for the sweaty summer day.

We also loved the veal ragu on this pasta. While the heavier dish might not scream summer, the restaurant was cool enough (both in temperature and hipness) so that we didn't care. The only thing to watch out for is the tab - there are so many things to try that it can add up quickly. Just note, you have to really be down to your last dollar not to get the chocolate cake with olive oil ice cream, and even if your wallet is full of moths, it's worth asking fellow diners nicely until you scrape together exact change (5 King St.).


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