6/26/2013 09:16:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Big Bird Burger at PQM

A pastry chef making a cheeseburger - that’s just silliness. Or is it? Last night, the guest chef at Publican Quality Meat’s Tuesday Burger, Beer and Bourbon night was Blackbird’s executive pastry chef Dana Cree. Cree served her Big Bird Burger - a beef burger topped with fig-olive tapenade, pickled onion rings and black pepper goat cheese. Being a pastry chef, Cree used something special for the bun. She soaked a Parker House roll in thyme butter to created a soft and flavorful foundation for her Mediterranean-inspired burger. While the burger was wonderful, we couldn't enjoy the work of a pastry chef without dessert. The Publican's Anna Shovers made a peach crostada with airy almond crème and crème fraiche. Proving once and for all that there's more to pastry chefs than sugar.


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