6/14/2013 02:28:00 PM

Taste Test: Marie Callender's Cake Pie Is No Cronut

There are pie people and there are cake people. What happens when the two meet? Marie Callender's Cake Pie, a sugary celebratory mash-up the chain created for its 65th anniversary. We've been trying to come up with a proper portmanteau for Cake Pie - capie, cakie, pike - but nothing sounds quite right (this isn't a Cronut, after all). But that didn't deter us from trying a slice for ourselves.

The first Marie Callender's opened in Orange County in 1948 when its namesake baker and her husband and son decided to turn make her pie-baking business legit. By the 1960s, the concept turned into a full-service restaurant serving other home-spun dishes based on Marie's own recipes. After merging with Perkin's, another full-service coffeeshop-turned-restaurant chain, there are now more than 80 restaurants mostly in the Western states and Mexico, with "more on the way," according to the website.

So back to the Cake Pie. First, it's the most impressive looking pie in the case, sitting at least four inches taller than anything else, all white and sprinkled and fun. Inside it's exactly what it sounds like - pie crust, vanilla cream pie filling, two layers of vanilla cake with white frosting and sprinkles. If you've ever had Marie Callender's pies, you pretty much know what you're in for here: a crust that's more waxy than buttery but flakes with each bite; a decent vanilla custard that they swear is made "from scratch"; and grocery-store quality cake and frosting that's a little too sweet but still kind of addictive.

The Cake Pie sort of reminds us of Boston Cream Pie, only with reorganized layers - the custard on the bottom instead of in the middle of the cake layers, and white icing instead of chocolate. This, unfortunately, pales in comparison to a really good Boston Cream Pie. But we know there are sweet tooths who will happily devour a slice.

The Cake Pie tastes every bit of the $7 plus change you pay for the whole 9-inch tin. You only have this month (till June 30) to pick one up.


  1. We bought the Marie Callender's Cake Pie yesterday and except for the garlic flavor in the "custard" between the two layers, it's pretty good! The crust in very light in color and texture. Because the garlic flavor ruined the whole thing for me, I would not buy this again.

  2. I've had this twice its great no garlic here in these. Try it you will like it

  3. Hmmm... ours didn't have any garlic flavor. Just a lot of sugar. Odd, though. Garlic where you're least expecting it would've ruined it for me, too.