6/27/2013 03:59:00 PM

Taste Test: Kirin's Frozen Beer, Now at Chaya and Dodger Stadium

If there's anything we will all need over the next few days, it's cold beer. Really, really, really cold beer. So Kirin Ichiban has the solution: top off a pint of beer with a frozen beer foam that acts like an insulation cap to keep the beer cold. It's now available at Chaya Downtown and Dodger Stadium. In theory, this is a really fantastic idea, but when we tried one the other day at Chaya's Summer Beer Garden, the only thing that foam did was keep us from drinking our icy cold beer fast.

The foam is a lot stiffer than you'd expect, and the best way to get around it, we found, was to poke a hole in it, even if we still got foam on our nose. We thought the consistency would be more like a Frozen Coca-Cola, but then that would just be a beer slushie (mmmmm...beer slushie). Once the foam started to melt - and it does, very slowly - it moved a bit allowing the beer to flow freely. We just hope it's all beer; according to reps, it is, just whipped in a "frozen agitator" machine. It did keep that beer pretty darn cold, though.

How will it fare at Dodger Stadium? The temps and the Dodgers are both hot this week, so we think it will be a fine accompaniment to a Dodger Dog or any of the new stadium eats. The Kirin foam-topped beer is only available on the Loge level.


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