6/12/2013 12:18:00 PM

Taste Test: Fried Lasagna Bun Burger at PYT

Neon-clad burger joint PYT has another viral hit on its hands (joining the bacon-shell taco from earlier this year). The meatball patty between two pieces of deep-fried lasagna - introduced as a special of the week back in May - got so much national press and attention that proprietor Tommy Up convinced chef Kim Malcolm to keep it on the menu. That means we had the opportunity to swing by The Piazza and get a first-hand taste of the unorthodox creation.

PYT recommends using a fork and knife to attack this particular burger, but we felt the need to at least give using our hands a try. If you’re brave, lifting the stack to your mouth is entirely possible, though you have to be careful of the hot cheese that oozes out as you break the lasagna’s breaded crust.

Biting down will deliver even more melted cheese to your fingers, and plenty of marinara sauce to your face, if you really dig in. This is messy food, and you’ve got to revel in it. (Don’t wear white.) The meat itself was cooked through with no pink center, more like an actual meatball than a nice medium burger. The final verdict: deep-fried lasagna is really, really good. Whether it should be used as a burger bun is another question entirely.


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