6/10/2013 04:03:00 PM

Swirl, Sip and Don’t Spit at the Screenings of Somm

So you think you want to be a sommelier? Ask yourself a few questions first: can your palate pick up variations in the dirt that grew the grape that turned into a bottle of wine. Are you ready to give up every minute of free time and devote it to studying the regions of Italy? Better yet, skip the personal interrogation and attend one of the upcoming screenings of Somm at the Music Box Theater. Somm is a feature documentary about what it takes to pass the hardest exam in the world - the Master Sommelier Exam. “Sickly gifted, obsessed, egomaniacs” describe the people who attempt to complete the test that less than 150 have ever passed. This documentary follows their journey.

The screenings will be held on Friday, June 14, through Tuesday, June 18. And what's a movie about wine without a little vino? A Chicago sommelier hosts each screening and will serve guests a glass of wine of their choice. Join The Boarding House’s Alpana Singh, City Winery’s Rachel Driver and JUSTIN Vineyards and Winery’s Joe Spellman for a film and a discussion about becoming an expert on all things wine. Tickets cost $20.


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