6/28/2013 04:00:00 PM

Sweet Caroline's Scores Ballpark-Inspired Cocktail Menu

You have Sox tickets in one hand, a cheap draught in the other. You’re unsatisfied. That’s understandable. A night at Fenway shouldn’t automatically mean you’re stuck drinking bad beer.

Good news: on Monday, July 1 (in time for next week’s games) a new cocktail program is launching at Sweet Caroline’s, a Fenway ‘hood bar not previously renowned for super ambitious tippling. But Noon Inthasuwan, the industry-fave mixologist who previously brought her magic touch to Central Square restaurant Moksa and its club component, Naga, has revamped its menu with ball park-inspired cocktails. They include the Off My Shoulders, a gin-based drink with honey syrup that has a touch of mustard, the Sweet Caroline, a Manhattan-ish cocktail with Cracker Jack-infused whiskey, and the Good Times, a spicy vodka gimlet with a dash of hot sauce. Want something simpler? There’s the Battery Cup (pictured), a rye cocktail with refreshing elderflower liqueur and sherry.

 Fenway-inspired drinks, steps from the ballpark? Homerun, even if you wind up stumbling to the plate.


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