6/26/2013 03:48:00 PM

Spotlight on Herbs: Mint Marigold

Tomato salad with mint marigold at Josephine House
Forget basil. The new summer herb de jour is mint marigold, which is popping up in kitchens across town. For example, we tasted a lovely tomato salad at Josephine House earlier this week, adorned with oregano and mint marigold leaves and a refreshing fennel-coconut sorbet. The marigold tasted of tarragon and anise and added a nice freshness to a light dish. Grown in town by Seedlings Gardening and picked several times a week, this is about as fresh as it gets.

 Sway pastry chef Laura Sawicki is also using it, in a mint-marigold-and-blackberry ice cream. The herbaceous taste cools down your mouth after a spicy Thai meal, and the blackberry swirl packs a berry punch.

Also called Texas tarragon, the plant thrives in the heat, which, as we know, Texas has plenty of. And apparently Aztec chieftains made a powder of the herb “to calm the hapless victims of sacrificial rituals.”

Are Austin chefs sedating us for something to come? We think not, but even so, eating this fresh herb would be a good way to go.

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