6/18/2013 02:59:00 PM

PYT Does a Potato Skins Burger

We couldn’t possibly cover every single PYT burger of the week (and some of them are just too far out there), but this one looks like another knock-out by Tommy Up and chef Kim Malcolm. You've had meat on potato skins before, but have you ever had potato skins on your meat? Yes, the bun for this week’s patty is a pair of loaded potato skins.

Each deep-fried skin is stuffed with bacon, chives, melted cheddar and sour cream, and then used to sandwich the burger between them. Possibly not the easiest thing to eat, but surely easier than the fried-lasagna-bun burger from a couple weeks ago. And quite likely more delicious. The special is comes with a side of cheese fries (in case you needed more) and will run you $14 (215-964-9009).

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