6/25/2013 12:00:00 PM

Pineapple Kingdom Brings Cheese Shakes to Richmond District

Photo by Tamara Palmer
After offering freebies to neighbors over the weekend, a new Asian snack cafe called Pineapple Kingdom (2960 Clement Street) grand opened in the Richmond District on June 24. The small space has one communal table and a couch but most of the business will be for takeaway service, which features savory items such as fish and chips, fried dumplings and fish balls and sweets like Hong Kong-style egg puffs, fruit aloe desserts, smoothies and milk teas. We stopped in and sampled from the section that caught our eye as being different from other similar spots in the area: cheese milkshakes. Choose your fruit (we recommend peach) and it is blended with a healthful mix of milk and cubes of cheesecake. Don't judge us; just try it.


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