6/14/2013 02:03:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Rhea's Cafe Has Sangria-Braised Brisket on Special

Photo by Tamara Palmer
You might go to the new Rhea's Cafe in the Mission in search of a fried chicken or pork katsu sandwich like they make at the original Rhea's Deli with the addition of a spacious place to eat, but don't overlook the current cafe specials, because that's where you'll find the sangria-braised brisket sandwich. The meat is gently cooked in a fruity red wine bath for 14 hours, so by the time it lands in between the halves of the roll, it's so tender it'll fall apart as soon as you look at it the wrong way. Liberal additions of grilled onions, horseradish and peppers make the experience an extra lively affair.


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