6/27/2013 07:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Grilling Galbi at Seoul Sausage

For a few guys who decided to make sausage, hit the road for a food truck TV show about a year ago, win said show, and then open a brick-and-mortar before an actual truck, Chris Oh and Ted and Yong Kim have sort of risen to street-food fame with Seoul Sausage. Their Korean-inspired sausages are some of the tastiest links in town, and don't even get us started on the poutine or fried rice balls.

The trio recently hit the road with a real food truck, but the Sawtelle shop is still going strong. And although they do contemporary things like put kimchi and pork inside a sausage casing, they never forget their roots (they did launch at the first Korean BBQ Fest, after all): you can now get traditional short ribs like those above hot off the grill at Seoul Sausage every Monday. According to the Facebook page, the galbi bibimbap goes fast so you have to show up early. While it may no longer be Barbecue Week by this coming Monday, you might want to know about this ahead of time. Mark it down now.


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