6/03/2013 10:15:00 AM

Opening Tap: The Mayor, Darth Vader, Beer and More

Mayor Michael Nutter successfully kicked off Philly Beer Week last Friday, tapping the first keg with the Hammer of Glory. The ceremony wasn’t without amusement. For example, as the mayor raised the hammer and was about to tap the keg, PBW executive director Don Russell realized there was no glass ready. Luckily, trophies featuring Tiffany’s crystal beer mugs had just been given out to Inquirer Brewvitational winners, so one champ selflessly donated it to catch the first drops of Brotherly Suds 4.

That was all after a day of shenanigans thanks to the Hammer of Glory relay. The Standard Tap crew did their leg of the journey in a little electric car decked out with wings just like an Imperial shuttle, and were still very much in character when they caught up with Victory Brewing co-founder Bill Covaleski at the ceremonies. (Covaleski evaded Vader’s grasp, never fear, Victory fans.)

The Hammer of Glory also spent some time being carried around on a Top Gun fighter jet, of sorts, manned by Maverick (aka Jim Kirk of Kite & Key) and Goose (aka Nick Johnson of Tröegs Brewing) At one point the vehicle was pulled over by Philadelphia cops, who took a good look at Johnson - he was riding as a passenger with a beer in one hand, getting ready to set off torches with the other - and offered some advice. “If you’re going to set off fireworks,” the officer said, “shoot them up, not horizontally.” Apparently, even the police can get into the beer week spirit.


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