6/19/2013 11:25:00 AM

NYTimes is Taken With Kajitsu Redo

For his review this week, Pete Wells heads over to the new location of Kajitsu, which recently moved from the East Village to Murray Hill. The eatery serves shojin cuisine, a style that uses no animal products and is essentially vegan. The critic comes away impressed by the depth and variety of flavors, along with the artistry of the dishes. He awards the venue two stars. A highlight from his piece:

"You could design a calendar simply by eating at Kajitsu every four weeks and taking pictures. Mr. Ueshima changes his menus on the first of the month, adding some plants that are at their peak and some that are on the rise. His dishes — four of them in a $55 tasting, eight in an $85 or $100 menu that ends with a bowl of matcha, green tea as thick and frothy as espresso — are drawn from the season, but they are also drawings of the season."


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