6/24/2013 06:41:00 PM

New Nightlife: The Houston Brothers Bring No Vacancy to Hollywood

Jonnie and Mark Houston certainly have a way with style. The twin brothers have opened some of the most memorable nightclubs and bars around Los Angeles, always creating a unique sense of place that's a perfect balance of design, spirits and cocktails, and entertainment. Whether it's the industrial-chic Harvard & Stone, with its R&D Lounge where visiting bartenders create their own menus for one night, La Descarga's rum-soaked, Cuban throwback decor, or the sexy Parisian-inspired Pour Vous, every inch of a concept is nailed down to the, well, nails. The latest is No Vacancy, an old Hollywood Victorian house that's been transformed into a pre-Prohibition drinking den that features secret entryways, a rotating list of seasonal cocktails created by guest bartenders, and...tightrope walkers.

Like La Descarga, you're led to a hallway with three doors - choose the right one, and you'll be led into a room where there's only one way out, and it leads to the main bar. There are private rooms for events and/or bottle service, and an outdoor patio with its own bar and fireplaces. The entire house has been painstakingly decorated with antiques, tiles, red velour furniture and other bric-a-brac, and truly feels like no other place, and often not of this time. The spirits program is heavy on gin and whiskey, and there's a list of 12 drinks created by bartender superstars like Marcos Tello and Julian Cox that swap out throughout the year. Drink enough of anything and you'll forget you're in 21st century LA.
Door number one, two or three?
No Vacancy opens nightly at 8 PM, and while there's no real dress code, "shiny shirts, shorts, sports gear, logos, flip flops, most hats and loud colors are highly discouraged," according to the website. You can also make reservation there if you're going with a group. 1727 N. Hudson Ave.


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