6/14/2013 10:42:00 AM

Neighbourhood Watch: Best Restaurants in Victoria

Whether you're catching a train or visiting Buckingham Palace, you'll need to refuel in Victoria. Grab a quick bite or stop for a lengthy lunch at one of these five restaurants - voted the best in the area by you in the 2013 London Restaurants Survey.


  1. Waooooo........Dish in plate looks awesome. i just gonna love with this.

  2. What a terrible selection of places.

    2 chains offering lowest common denominator bought in food.
    Mango Tree – constantly on discount sites and not known for great food to say the least!

    Olivo – at least you have unearthed one good restaurant.
    What about Boisdale, Olivetto, A.Wong, Mekong!!

    Must do better….