6/26/2013 12:45:00 PM

Mari Vanna's Old World Russia Meets West Hollywood + Menu

Transformation of the formerly haute Bastide into a bubbe-chic cottage in West Hollywood isn't the most interesting thing about Mari Vanna, the new Russian-inspired restaurant that comes West via New York, Washington D.C. and St. Petersburg. It's not even the goblutzi (filet mignon and rice stuffed cabbage), sweet or savory blinis, or vodkas infused with everything from horseradish or dill to pineapple, prune or lingonberry on the menu. It's the key.

Owner Tatiana Brunetti and management staff will hand out keys on Russian nesting doll keychains to select VIP, regulars and other notable guests for the first month of business. It gets you access to the restaurant on Monday nights after 10 PM, when the front door to the little bungalow is locked (this works at any of the other locations, too). But if you don't get one, it's ok: ring the doorbell on Monday nights and someone might let you in. That fun (karaoke!) will all start in a couple months. Until then, Mari Vanna is open for dinner from 5:30-11 PM, the bar is open until 2 AM. Check out the full LA dinner menu below (8475 Melrose Pl., 323-655-1977).

Olivier $11
Vinegret $11
Russian Country Salad $10
Herring Under a Fur Coat (Shuba) $14
Spring Salad $9

Cold Appetizers
Vegetable Caviar $12
House Cured Herring with Potato $12
Fish with Marinated Vegetables $14
Vegetable Trio $15
Meat plate $18
Fish plate $18
Cheese plate $14
Soleniya $9

Hot appetizers
Veal Pelmeni $16
Potato Vareniki $15
Blini House Cured Salmon $16
Blini Beef $16
Blini With Red Caviar (Salmon Roe) $29
Blini With Black Caviar $195
Assorted Pirozjki Veal, Cabbage, Rice, Egg and Scallion or Fish $2 each

Ukrainian Borscht $11
Okroshka with Kefir or Kvas $10
Svekolnik $10

Main Course
Kotletki: Chicken; Veal; or Fish $18
Beef Stroganoff: with Mashed Potatoes $24
Stuffed Peppers: $21
Golubtzi $19
Lamb with Vegetables: $26
Grilled Salmon with White Wine Sauce $19
Steamed Trout with Green Salad $22
Veal Chop with grilled Vegetales Braised Veal with Homemade Noodles $21

Mashed Potatoes $6
Mixed Green Salad $6
Home-style Potatoes Grilled
Vegetables $6
Buckwheat with White Mushrooms $6

Melon Soup $6
“Swans Lake” $7
Vareniki with Farmers Cheese $10
Assorted Plombir $6


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