6/04/2013 10:44:00 AM

Lustre Pearl and Bling Pig Being Sued for Over-Serving Alcohol

First Lustre Pearl was in danger of losing its liquor license, due to a patron drinking, driving and killing a person in a car wreck. In March the TABC recommended that the city revoke Lustre’s license and shutter the Rainey Street hangout.

Then in early May we reported that owner Bridget Dunlap would be moving the entire Lustre Pearl building to another location, to make room for a condo development on Rainey.

Now Lustre Pearl and another bar, the Blind Pig, are being sued for over-serving alcohol. The parents of two men who died in drunk driving accidents are suing both bars. In Lustre’s case (the same incident that prompted the TABC to try to revoke its license), the suit involves the bar, the driver, two bartenders and the bar’s owners, Bridget Dunlap and Chris Parker.


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