6/17/2013 06:38:00 PM

Live Blog and Video: Zagat's 30 Under 30 NYC 2013

Tonight we're coming to you live from The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where we've gathered for a bash to celebrate the latest crop of 30 under 30 honorees. These young up-and-comers have made a huge impact on the Big Apple scene, and tonight they're scheduled to make an even bigger dent in the restaurant's booze supply. Stay tuned for live updates here, and tune in at 7:00 PM EST for our live streaming video from the event.

6:41 PM - Honorees are beginning to filter in. Is that a Cronut? Stay tuned to our live video stream at 7 PM to see what we're going to do with these babies!

6:55 PM - Drinks are flowing! Check out our signature cocktail, The Mathematician designed by honorees Bridget C. Firtle and Chad Walsh. Why the name you ask? Because most great mathematicians (like Einstein) did their best work before they turned 30. Who knew? We seriously wish you could taste it, because it's that good. Made with Owney's Rum (Bridget's brand!) mixed with Dolin Genepy des Alpes, Orleans Herbal bitters, honey syrup and lime juice. Hello!

6:59 PM - Group shot! Check out all our honorees for this year doing their best blue steel face.
7:09 PM - We're going to take a break from blogging to watch the live streaming video. Press play above to check it out! We told you we were going to do something with those Cronuts...

7:39 PM - The award presentation is about to begin! Now if we can only get everyone to simmer down...

7:47 PM -  Ok slight delay in the award ceremony. We just chatted to Matthew Katakis of Butcher Bar in Astoria (home of 30u30 alum Orlando Sanchez), who told us he's opening two new restaurants near Butcher Bar called Marketa and Estrella de Cuba. Can't wait!

8:02 PM - Zagat's Bob Kasunic announces this year's honorees. Congrats to all!

8:23 PM - We're getting hungry, hmm...goat cheese and hazelnut crostinis? Yes please! Tonight's food was prepared by the folks at Reynard.

8:35 PM - Whoa! Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods shows off his breakdancing skills. Our 30 Under 30 honorees have many hidden talents...

8:50 PM - Word has it that past 30 Under 30 honoree Chase Rabenn is spiking people's already booze-laden drinks with a flask he brought in. Scandal!

9:04 PM - Dessert is out and we're getting ready to wrap this baby up and head to the after-party. Check out this delicious dish made by honoree Thiago Silva of EMM Group. We've never tasted "canned peaches" like this before! But hey remember these peaches?

9:15 PM - We ran into former Zagat employee Alex Berggruen who is pulling a total James Spader circa Pretty in Pink with his outfit. Ironically, the young 24-year old has never seen the film. Kids these days!

9:25 PM - That's it for us folks, see ya next year! We're heading to the after-party. Stay tuned tomorrow when the full list of honorees will be revealed. Zagat live blogger signing off!


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