6/19/2013 02:45:00 PM

Kick in for Sweet Freedom's Allergen-Free Cookbook

Yep, all that is gluten-free, vegan and allergy-friendly
Sweet Freedom provides an important service for Philadelphians who can’t handle common ingredients like gluten, dairy or tree nuts: dessert. Allison Lubert has decided to self-publish a cookbook in which she’ll reveal the secret recipes for many of her gluten-dairy-soy-eggs-corn-refined-sugar-corn-peanut-free vegan delicacies, and she’s crowdsourcing the funding of the book on Kickstarter.

There are just two days to go, and the campaign is very close to its $15,000 goal (just over $13,700 at time of this writing). If you’re someone who has to watch your intake and you miss baking cookies, brownies and cupcakes - or if you’re just a big fan of the Sweet Freedom treats - head over and make a pledge before end of day on Thursday, June 20.


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