6/28/2013 12:00:00 PM

It's Alive! Bistro du Midi Now Prepares Snapping Scallops

This week Bistro du Midi became Boston's only restaurant to regularly receive still-live scallops to its kitchen. Why? Nothing compares in terms of freshness and flavor, says chef Robert Sisca.

“Scallops are one of my favorite ingredients that are native to New England," said Sisca, who brings them in from Portland, Maine-based Browne Trading Company. "The natural sweetness, firm texture and delicate flavor is unparalleled. They are still snapping when they arrive to the kitchen."

Even removed from the shell, the scallops continue to snap before Sisca slices into them for his summer crudo: sliced scallop with cucumber, freeze dried corn, shaved foie torchon, chives and cucumber.

It's alive! Well, almost. And delicious, entirely.


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