6/04/2013 11:35:00 AM

IndeBlue and Tiffin Bistro Are Here; Sylva Senat Is Gone From Tashan

Senat is no longer working at Tashan
This weekend saw a flurry of news in the world of Indian cuisine in Philadelphia, something out of the ordinary for a city with relatively few Indian options.

IndeBlue has launched at 205 South 13th Street. The Midtown Village restaurant is the second from Rakesh and Heather Ramola, who also own an Indian BYO in Collingswood. The bar incorporates flavors of India into the cockatils, and the menu features both traditional (think chicken tikka masala) and more modern dishes (lamb lollipops). Per The Insider, service is currently dinner-only, with lunch and brunch coming soon (215-545-4633).

Tiffin Bistro officially opened for dinner service on Sunday, taking over the former Kris at 11th and Federal. A full bar compliments a menu and atmosphere that fall in between owner Munish Narula’s to-go mini-chain of Tiffins and the high-end South Broad Tashan. Kriti Pant, formerly at Junoon, is the chef.

Speaking of Tashan, opening chef Sylva Senat confirmed to us he is no longer working there, nor will he have anything to do with Tiffin Bistro, where he consulted on the opening menu. Personality differences seem to be the reason. According to The Insider, Narula says Pant will now also act as chef at Tashan. Senat is currently taking an “unofficial vacation” while he looks for his next gig, either behind the line or consulting.


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