6/18/2013 01:12:00 PM

il Buco Alimentari Launches Houseware Line, Will Debut Custom Travel Service

Sounds like il Buco is pulling a Martha. Whenever we visit il Buco Alimentari we totally want to take a little piece home with us, which we do in the form of the goods in the commissary in the front of the space. Well, now you'll have a bowl to serve it in - as the venue will curate a line of housewares dubbed il Buco Vita.

The offerings will be handcrafted in Italy and include Tchotchke like candles, textiles, dishes and pottery as chosen by Donna Lennard, the restaurant's owner. The eatery is going full lifestyle brand, and plans to roll out a custom travel service for trips to Tuscany, which will tie together food and design visits curated by Lennard and her team.


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