6/18/2013 02:52:00 PM

Iconic Summer Dishes in Austin: Chilled Fruit Soup at Eastside Cafe

As the weather heats up, this week we're highlighting iconic summer dishes in our city. Today it's Eastside Cafe's unique fruit soups. A longtime Austin staple, the East Manor Road restaurant prides itself on using organic produce and making a commitment to health as well as taste. Don’t believe us? Check out the garden behind the cute refurbished house as well as the chicken coop, where the restaurant procures most of its eggs.

On the menu each day is a different chilled fruit soup. One of the most satisfying summer dishes around, the soups (think dewberry orange, strawberry and more) are kind of like a smoothie but better, especially when eaten with a spoon. We guarantee you’ll feel 10 degrees cooler and much happier.


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