6/19/2013 06:30:00 PM

Iconic Summer Dish: Dungeness Crab at Fisherman's Grotto

Photo by Doug Zimmerman
Summer weekends at Fisherman's Grotto on the Wharf may be the domain of tourists, but there's prime, quiet space for locals to eat in peace on weekdays at the outdoor stand in front of the restaurant. Natives should know that, if it's not too busy, you can ask for a live crab to be boiled instead of eating one of the pre-cooked ones. You can also have the choice of being served a clean, cracked specimen or one that requires more work and the addition of broth flavored by the guts. It's definitely an early summer treat, though: Dungeness season south of the Mendocino-Sonoma County line ends on June 30, and closes north of that line one month later.


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