6/21/2013 11:30:00 AM

Iconic Summer Dish: Chicago-Style Hot Dog at Allium

The Chicago-style dog is a ballpark staple and as summer must-have untouched by time and ketchup. Allium's executive chef Kevin Hickey’s gourmet version of the classic uses ingredients made entirely in-house. He starts with seasoned beef shoulder - ground, encased, boiled and grilled for a charred exterior - that is served in a poppy-seed bun with housemade relish, beer mustard and pickles. There is no ketchup on it, because that would be sacrilege, but fries come with a housemade version. The layers of flavor are unlike anything one can experience in the bleacher seats. Order the off-menu, dirty-style dog that is the same iconic encased meat topped with chili and Wisconsin cheddar. Warning, this hot dog may ruin all other hot dogs.


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