6/06/2013 12:00:00 PM

Hot Listing: Charlie Trotter’s Is on the Market in Chicago

Furniture not included
By Sarah Freeman
Please note that it's the Chicago restaurant and not the chef that recently became available on the real estate market. Chef Charlie Trotter is happily married - his restaurant, on the other hand, is the hot commodity up for grabs. The iconic restaurant closed last August. Its contents were sold in an online auction earlier this year, after an attempt to sell them at a live auction was thwarted by Trotter. Now, the 2,387-sq.-ft. restaurant (along with an adjoining 2,402-sq.-ft. building) is for sale for $3.8 million. Features include $1 million worth of culinary equipment that includes a custom Bonnet stove with a self-cleaning hood, silk draperies in the dining room and wine cellar.

"We have no preconceived notions about who the buyer is going to be," Coldwell Banker Commercial co-broker Bruce Heller told Chicago Real Estate Daily. It was rumored that chef Homaro Cantu would take over the restaurant, but he has yet to confirm his plans to make an offer. The new buyer wont' be required to keep the property as is, but since it sits in the Armitage-Halsted landmark district, all exterior changed must be approved by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks. Whoever the new buyer is, they will also acquire Trotter's office, test kitchen and the set for The Cooking Sessions with Charlie Trotter. Hopefully the new owner at least knows how to cook.


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